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The tentacles on my jellyfish wrap up around my bicep and around my forearm.  It was the action of getting the tattoo, not the image, that was important to me.

DEN YAKOVLEV Moscow, Russia


    There`s some bad things spinning about him in the net, but he`s one h*ll of an artist!

These watercolor tattoos are awesome, I wonder how they look a few years down the road...

I really like this. Reminds me of a Jesus bracelet. Maybe I could get blue for baptism water, red for his blood on the cross, yellow for his light shining through us, black for sins, green for spiritial growth, and white for purity.

One of the most beautiful tattoos i've ever seen.

The moon signs.... Seriously? You couldnt come up with anything better? I guess its because youre real in touch with nature and shit. Good for you, mother earth.

  • Cami Rowsell

    I know it's not my place to judge, but I never understood why some people have entire boards dedicated to things that they despise. I mean what's the point? It just starts arguments and then you end up with all of this negative emotion circling around for no good reason... Like, I understand boards dedicated to injustices like animal cruelty or wars or politics or whatever, but things like this that don't directly affect you, it just seems pointless.

  • Cami Rowsell

    Cont'd: I typed in "lunar cycles" because I was interested in learning about it, and I came across this. In a way you ARE forcing people to read this because it shows up in the search. I'm just saying.

  • Kristi Stephens

    I appreciate your input, but I feel no need to defend my oppinion, board, or pinterest account to anyone.

  • Chelsea Bates

    Seriously though. If you don't like it then don't do it. Who has time to care what anyone else has boards for? Grow up! My word!!! Hahaha

  • Kristi Stephens

    I guess maybe i havnt been clear to everyone, that a., i am not hating on ANYONE with this or anyother tattoo. I dont like that tattoo; it does not mean i dont like the unknown person who got it... B., ITS MY PINTEREST AND MY BOARD. If you dont like what i have pinned, do as chelsea said and grow up... Move on with your day and your life and get over it.

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This tattoo is an homage to the animals I have been so privileged to spend most of my time with.  Tattoo done by Zoey at PRIX in West Hollywood, CA.

Tattoo - Geometric - Women - Line - Point - Arm