Shabby Chic

by Anna Homchik

Lily flower drawing

Willem Haenraets

soft gorgeous rose watercolor

Pink Shabby Roses Original Oil Painting

Jacqueline Gnott (watercolor painting)

Jody Bergsma

24 Inch Cherry Blossom Wreath Decor - Is it springtime yet? Have the Cherry Blossoms bloomed? That’s the feeling this stunning 24” Cherry Blossom Wreath Decor will bring forth, no matter what time of year it is. People flock from all over to see the Cherry Blossoms every year, and just one look at this wreath will reveal why.

Beautiful Dasies I by Daphne Brissonnet




Lily was sick and tired of it. Of how much of it there was. It got in the way if her work, her life, and her projects. She pulled out a pair of scissors from her metal cabinet and cut her hair across the shoulders. It didn't matter anymore, she only kept it long for her husband. Since their divorce, there was almost no point in anything anymore. Strands if hair like hay was all over the floor. "It looks better short," A voice across the room said. Lily looked up only to see Rey.

centrarte: "Saul" - Armando Bravo, México

christie repasy


Flowers in a Vase,detail,1792, Paulus Theodorus van Brussel.