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King and Queen of Spain.

Crown Prince Felipe and Crown Princess Letizia of Spain with their daughters, the Infantas Leonor and Sofia. Leonor will one day be the queen of Spain in her own right.

Spanish Royal Family Christmas cards 2013 - (L-R) Infanta Sofia, Crown Prince Felipe, Infanta Leonor and Crown Princess Letizia

The Queen Mother and King George VI on the balcony on their wedding day.

Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano marry Spain's Crown Prince Felipe on May 22, 2004. King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia of Spain are the groom parents.

The present queen and the future queen.

1978 - Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos of Spain with their children, from left to right: Infante Felipe, Infante Elena and Infante Cristina.

Queen Sofia of Spain

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

Young Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, 1951

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain (behind him, his father, Infante don Juan; by her, her brother Constantine, the Crown Prince of Greece)

The Queen & Prince Philip

King Paul of Greece, Queen Frederica of Greece. Their children Prince Constantine, Princess Irene and Princess Sophia. Constantine would be King of Greece and Sophia Queen of Spain.

Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos

Members of the Spanish Royal family are seen during an Epiphany ceremony at the Royal Palace in Madrid recently. Seen from left to right are Princess Letizia, Crown Prince Felipe, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.

Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth & Princess Margaret, 1936

Spain's Royal Family-Cristina, Felipe, Elena, Prince Juan Carlos and Princess Sofia (before they became King and Queen)

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, 1949