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      Legless Amphibians - The caecilians are amazing. In freshwater or in a tropical forest, they represent the most snake-like of amphibians, harmless and yet paralleling some of the most significant jumps in evolutionary biology.

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      Amphibians without limbs discovered. Females of this newly named species, Chikila fulleri, remain protectively coiled around their developing eggs for up to three months. #snakes #reptiles #topanimals

    • Brooke Bullmaster Stewart

      One of the creepiest animals! Called Chikilidae, it's a new family of amphibian that burrows beneath the watery soils of remote northeast India. :oP yuck!

    • Amazing Thinker

      Handout photo provided by professor SD Biju showing a newly discovered legless amphibian in north-eastern India that have ancient links with Africa. #life

    • Laura Crouch

      Chikilidae eggs -- unknown to science and mistaken for a deadly, miniature snake -- became a published discovery by the Royal Society of London on 2/22/12. The legless amphibians are found in the monsoon-soaked soils of remote northeast India.

    • Sophie

      New Amphibians Without Arms or Legs Discovered -- Clear eggs containing a newly discovered limbless amphibian.A clutch of eggs in a muddy nest is buried treasure to a research team that spent five years digging for caecilians in over 250 spots across northern India. Hunting the elusive animals involves lots of shovel work, explained S. D. Biju, whose team included scientists from the University of Delhi, the U.K. Natural History Museum, and Belgium's Vrije University.

    • Sandy Zarzour Gest

      this legless creature is an entirely new family of amphibians called chikilidae.

    • Remi Kalisz

      Snake eggs | Wild Life With Amazing Nature on FB

    • Nicole Guy

      Baby snake eggs so cool

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