candy lipstick - used to rub it on our lips before we ate it

Candy Lipstick - only $.01 at the penny candy store

loved these as a kid

Bit-O-Honey! would take your teeth out if you werent careful

Avon lipstick samples. I loved these! My grandma always had the for us to play with

Wax Bottle Candy


When penny candy was really a penny ~ a dollar would fill a brown paper bag

wax candy lips

LOVED the original smell.

Chick-o-stick - Loved these when I was a kid, - murder on fillings -probably still some stuck in my teeth somewhere :)

used to love these

Button Candy!

Candy Sticks - These were a childhood favorite.

Sugar Babies...I still love them


old- fashioned Christmas candies

Nostalgic Candy | Vintage Candy | Old Fashioned Candy | The Candy Chef

Raspberry-filled Christmas candies...

70's Avon ice cream cone pomades by SwedishBlonde79, via Flickr

mood lipstick