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  • adorable animal

    What a cute little animal photos, newborn kittens are cute enough, plus a little duck, what would it look like?Is really cute, I need to keep a cat, too love lovely animal

  • Jp Bell

    cutest kitten in the world

  • Ian Zulauf

    cute baby animals from #cat #baby cat|

  • Maggi Shelbourn

    Baby Kittens Are so Cute

  • angel taylor

    baby kitties | Cute Baby Kitten

  • You Only Live Once

    Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images. Videos of Really Very Cute animals.

  • Michol Abraham

    I have always wanted a calico cat, now I REALLY want this one

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The look the first kitty is giving the bunny is too precious for words!

Kitty Manaj!! Barnes and Nobles has a whole book in the humor section dedicated to cat's with wigs on....its hilarious

Not that we'll ever see it, but I hope there are corgi pups somewhere in the palace so that Prince George can have pics like this!

i really wish my cats were this good with water... it would make my life so much easier

Chimp and White Bengal Tiger at TIGERS in Myrtle Beach. The Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has so many great things to do! Fun for everyone!

Small Cat Big World -- I'm not sure why this makes me a little sad, but it does. He's too adorable to be without a family :(

What an awesome photo! Wish my cat would sit still and look up at me for long enough!

"I'm exhausted from climbing up here, but it's worth it for the view."

25 Adorable Kittens - Influential Mom Blogger, Mom Blog Brand Ambassador, PR Friendly

I adopted my cat as an adult, and never got to see her as a kitten… but I bet this is just what she looked like!

If a dog jumps in your lap, it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing, it is because your lap is warmer=))

If it fits, it sits....and sleeps usually.