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    Queen Isabella of Castile, who married King Ferdinand II of Aragon, was the mother of Catherine of Aragon, the English Henry VIII's first wife. With Ferdinand, she completed the conquest of Granada, Spain's last Muslim kingdom, and supported Columbus's first voyage.

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    Henry VIII’s Wives: Catherine of Aragon’s family and childhood | History and traditions of England Queen Isabella of Castile, Katherine of Aragon's mother

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    Top 10 Most Powerful Women in History - Listverse

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    Isabel la Católica, or Isabel I of Castile, was one of the most powerful queens in Europe at the time, after having unified Castile and Aragón to form to what today we now know as Spain. She was to go on and help discover the America's after giving financial funds to Christopher Columbus to try to find a faster route to India. Isabel and Ferdinand of Aragón helped kick out the moors and Jews from Iberia and reconquer all christian territory prior to 711, after the moors had defeated the visigoths in Iberia. She is now buried along with her spouse, Ferdinand, in Seville's cathedral, where Columbus would set off to the new world

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Dig the sleeve-age! (Isabella I of Castile, mother to Katherine of Aragon and maternal grandmother of Mary I of England. Detail from The Virgin of the Catholic Monarchs by an unknown artist which depicts Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile).

Isabella of Castile (1451-1504), mother of Catherine of Aragon, 1st wife of Henry VIII. Isabella proved her abilities as a powerful ruler time and again. In one example, when a rebellion broke out in Segovia, Isabella rode out to suppress it, as her husband was off fighting at the time. Going against the advice of her male advisors, Isabella rode by herself into the city to negotiate with the rebels. She was successful and the rebellion was quickly brought to an end.

Upon the death of Isabella of Castile in November 1504,Joanna became Queen regnant of Castile,her husband de jure uxoris King;Joanna's father, Ferdinand,lost his title of 'King of Castile',although his wife's will permitted him to govern the country in Joanna's absence,if Joanna was unwilling to rule it herself,until Charles reached the age of 20. by lisby1, via Flickr

Juana, Queen of Castile, Sister of Catherine of Aragon

Henry called Catherine Howard his "Rose Without a Thorn". Catherine married Henry VIII on 28 July 1540, at Oatlands Palace, in Surrey, almost immediately after the annulment of his marriage to Anne of Cleves was arranged. However, Catherine Howard was beheaded after less than two years of marriage to Henry on the grounds of treason for committing adultery while married to the King. Catherine was the third of Henry's consorts to have been a member of the English gentry.

Isabella of Portugal, Queen of Castile Mother of Queen Isabella I of Castile, no further info.

Queen Mary I, (1516 - 1558), queen of England from 1553, the daughter of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

Queen Mary I, daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon by lisby1, via Flickr

Catherine of Aragon 1485-1536, Queen of England, circa 1520, Archbishop of Canterbury and the Church Commissioners on loan to NPG London

Henry VIII marrried my x15 cousins; Anne Boleyn Queen Consort to England and Catherine Howard. He had both beheaded.

Catherine of Aragon, First Wife of Henry VIII, Waxwork at Warwick Castle

Isabella l of Castile was Queen of Castile and León. She and her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon brought stability to both kingdoms that became the basis for the unification of Spain.