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  • LaLa Lauren

    ”Follow what your head is telling you and work hard. That’s the big secret.” - Joel Mchale. My obsession has grown for this man since I saw him do his stand-up live. <3

  • Pomsey

    Joel McHale. Both eye candy and ear candy!

  • Melissa Moore-Hanson

    Joel McHale - I think I have a thing for funny guys!

  • Stephy Ducky

    Joel McHale, why you so funny?!

  • Shery Wasfy

    Joel McHale - Click image to find more Celebrities Pinterest pins

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tall, handsome, charmingly snarky.

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Joel Mchale. He's funny. Tall. And he's wearing a cheesy mustache shirt. Who could NOT love him?!

And people make fun of me for my Seth Rogen obsession...