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    Store sheet sets in their pillow cases.

    How to fold sheet sets (including fitted) into a pillowcase

    Have you ever attempted to fold up your freshly washed fitted sheet only to give up in frustration and simply roll it up in a ball? Don't despair! While those corners might seem tricky, they really aren't as hard as they look. Here's a simple step-by-step tutorial for getting the job done:

    I've been looking for a better way to store my jeans...have to give this method a try.

    Seems like I would have heard of all of these sooner!

    PERFECT way to fold a fitted sheet

    Brilliant Garage Organization ideas that will make life easier. Great ideas, tips, tutorials for insanely easy garage organization.

    great way to store your shoes

    Store plastic bags

    Cat Nap Pillow Case Set by #xenotees

    great and easy ideas for clever storage

    Use a pillowcase from a sheet set to keep the rest of the sheets in. Bam, organized linens. - Imgur

    Dollar Store Bins covered with fabric using hot glue (no sewing needed). Love this idea!

    Interior design cheat sheet. Excellent site for info on curtains, rugs, table sizes, etc.

    Simple Storage for the Bathroom: Use a magazine holder for storing curling irons and flat irons.

    Married life organization....I NEED TO DO THIS!!!

    5 Storage Solutions for inside and outside the home.

    DIY Battery Organization [Tutorial] : 3-drawer trays stacked on top of each other stores batteries by size... very smart!

    Place Dividers in the Drawers: When organizing your bathroom drawers, place dividers in them so you can maximize the small spaces and fit more into them. You can buy plastic dividers at stores like The Container Store or you can even cut up old cardboard boxes and use them. Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

    Store your small things in see through Glad containers (Walmart where the zip lock bags are). Glue a washer to the bottom and store them on a magnetic strip.