Sometimes, one simple picture can tell you more about history than any story you might read or any document you might analyze.

I get it!

Supposedly Einstein thought only 2% of people could figure this out. Took me a little white with pen and paper, but I got it! Google "Einstein's Riddle Answer" to find the answer.

Blew my mind!!



Ten Amazing Coincidences.


Photographer splices together side and front profile shots to create an optical illusion. LITERALLY MIND BLOWN


Mind Blown.

interesting...no clue if its true

Random facts.....

98% Of People Will Answer This Test The Same Way. You Have To Try It.

Here are some interesting (yet useless) everyday facts you might find surprising.

I'll take the giant insects - I could form a DnD group, we could buy real swords and go out fighting giant spiders. It would be awesome. Actually, there would probably be an insect-fighting branch of military . . .


Funny student answers from when kids are willing to risk their grades to be clever