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“My hair is like every relationship I’ve had: I tried, but it didn’t work out.” -@MJRojas28

"I feel like jumping on my desk and dancing to 'Modern Love'.  I won't because I'm a lazyass and that would require effort."-@Girleastlikely2

“This raspberry shaving cream doesn’t have any calorie info.” -@Tiaayers

“My favorite items of clothing are big sleep shirts with pictures of dogs that say things like: ‘Ruff Night’.”-@ShinyUnicorn

“There really is no excuse for not shaving my legs when I live in Southern California.” -@ShannESays

“Sometimes I wish Angelfire were still around so I could laugh my ovaries off at the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fansite I made when I was 14.” – @ShannonWoodward

“They say that water weight is the first to go, but I’ve been crying all month and haven’t lost any weight.” -@Im_Tricia

“I just realized my shampoo bottle says “adds body and volume”. I am now going through extreme lengths to keep it off my ass.” -@MoGFlava