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Talented Afghan #refugee boy,Yazdan (deaf and mute) with his latest piece of art. He wants to be an artist in future. UNHCR Photo.

Cameroon: A Story of Survival - In Minawao camp, #Cameroon, the memories of immense suffering are still haunting Nigerian #refugees, even young children like Ibrahim.

1 year Halima was born on a truck that was transporting #CARcrisis #refugees, her family included, to safety in #Chad. UNHCR/ O. Laban-Mattei

Adorable little giraffe at the UNHCR's Lebanon registration center in #Bekaa today. 2 year old Fawzi loves costumes. UNHCR/ L. Abou Khaled

Despite crying from the cold, Ibrahim, seven, seen here standing at the entrance to his shelter, has helped his father clear snow from the roof to prevent it collapsing Photograph: Ralph Baydoun/World Vision

A small folded piece of paper containing a prayer sits on 10-day-old Khaled's chest before he is swaddled by his grandmother, Jalila. The #babies are wrapped in many layers to protect them against the freezing temperatures. UNHCR / A. McConnell / January 2015

Triplets, Riyadh, Ahmed, and Khaled, born on New Year's Day. The boys are seen here in the family shelter at Dilhamye tented settlement in #Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. UNHCR / A. McConnell / January 2015

Twelve-year-old Asma'a fixes her headscarf outside her family's shelter in the Bekaa Valley. Winter storm Zina is expected to last a few days and bring temperatures falling well below zero. © UNHCR/A.McConnell

#Refugees: A Chance to Learn - Worldwide, over 1 million refugee #children are out of #school.

Duol, 14, the eldest of Biel’s five orphaned nephews, watches UN staff at work in Pugnido refugee camp. UNHCR/Catianne Tijerina

Syrian refugee Israa, 13, lives in Za’atari camp in Jordan. She says: 'When we left our home we left all our pictures. Now we can take new pictures and keep them with us.' UNHCR/B.Ahmed

The children of Muslim #CAR #refugees wait as their parents discuss reconciliation in #Zongo, #DRC. UNHCR/ B. Sokol

An Afghan #refugee boy chases bubbles while playing on the outskirts of #Islamabad, #Pakistan. Photographs: Muhammed Muheisen/AP

“Do You See What I See” lets young refugees shine a light on their world and share it with others. Through writing and photography workshops led by photojournalist Brendan Bannon, they learn to capture their observations in a few lines of poignant prose or a single striking photograph.

Young Central African Republic #refugee girls smile outside their #UNHCR tent in Mole camp, Equateur Province, #DRC. © UNHCR/B.Sokol

"I love butterflies, I want to fly like them." "Where to?" "#Syria!" Five-year-old Nassar. Photo: UNHCR/ E. Byun

Faria takes in the sights as the train rushes towards Kimpese and she heads towards a new life in #Angola, land of her forebears. © UNHCR/B.Sokol

Faria, 11-year-old, waits to board the train at #Kinshasa station. She has never been to #Angola, but has high hopes for her future there. 'I want to become a doctor because my uncle and my aunt [in Angola] are doctors. There are many doctors in my family,» she says, adding that she has not met them. © UNHCR/B.Sokol

A child from #Syria tries to start a fire on a cold winter’s day in Harmanli #Refugee Reception Center. December 12, 2013 Photo: Dobrin Kashavelov

A young Syrian girl who has travelled with her school bag sleeps on her father's arm. Together, they escaped upheaval at home and have journeyed hundreds of miles. © UNHCR/A.D'Amato

Severely malnourished refugee children from the Central African Republic at a feeding centre in Batouri hospital, Cameroon. © UNHCR/F.Noy

Five-year-old Ahmed looks down at children playing in the courtyard of Lavrion camp. In the absence of his father, who is waiting for the family to join him in Denmark, Ahmed and his brother must help their blind mother Jihan navigate their temporary home. UNHCR/A. D'Amato © UNHCR / A. D'Amato

Sudanese #refugee girls pose in Iriba, #Chad, where they came to work. UNHCR/ C. Fohlen

Newly arrived refugees from Central African Republic rest in their temporary shelter in Dosseye #refugee camp in #Chad. They arrived at the camp the previous day after walking for two to four months through the bush with very little food. Many of them come from Boda, where they fled recent attacks. UNHCR/C.Fohlen/ May 2014

Eighteen-month-old Aishatou is being treated for acute malnutrition at Goré hospital. Her mother, Fatouma, carried her for a month before arriving in Chad on foot two weeks before this photo was taken. Aishatou fell sick with diarrhoea when they arrived at the #CAR-#Chad border. They had barely eaten during the journey and were sleeping in the rough. UNHCR/C.Fohlen/ June 2014