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Jesus has won the war and we are able to STAND and let Him win our battles.

Belt of Truth This can be used with

America’s so-called Bible Belt lives up to that nickname in the latest state-by-state Gallup poll of religious fervor in America. Eight of the 10 most religious states are in the South, while nine of the 10 least religious states are in the Northeast or Northwest. Midwestern states are about average in religiousness. There’s more about this HERE: Gallup research has shown that these state differences appear to be part of a “state culture” phenomenon....


The Raymen - Bible Belt Freak Out (CD)

The Raymen - Bible Belt Freak Out

I was suspended for two days for wearing jeans with holes in the knees. Apparently a twelve year old girls knees are a distraction for twelve year old boys and therefor do not deserve an education. Oh, the bible belt.

Satan might try to knock you off your game. but girl, you just strap on your Belt of Truth, look him in the eyes and say... GAME ON! My God is so much bigger than you'll ever be!


Buckle in the Bible Belt


Well said Wanda. A lovely pinner - let's call him Dan - said this: "And suicidal sheep vote for gay moslime [yes, he is from the bible belt, probably home schooled so has trouble spelling] frauds." I am the suicidal sheep I gather. Now THAT'S quite a few isms in a short sentence. Very white, very fat, very nasty, VERY low IQ. And the absolute TOP is he blocked me; my husband and I had so much fun with this. They can dish it out but fall apart when their hate does not hit the mark.

Belt of Truth Flaps. I printed each page on different color paper, so each flap was different color for kids. We attached them inside duct tape on the belt.


Diane Birch - Bible Belt [Explicit Lyrics] (CD)

Diane Birch - Bible Belt [Explicit Lyrics]