• Angela Akpan

    FREE 30 pg Kevin Henkes packet for teaching character, setting, problem and solution.

  • Kim Rhodes

    Stupendous Story Elements Stupendous Story Elements Grab this 30 page FREE packet to use when teaching story elements (character, setting, problem and solution) in your classroom. Most of the packe... By A Year of Many Firsts FREE Digital Download 4.0 Subject: English Language Arts Level(s): Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth Duration: N/A Type: Worksheets, Graphic Organizers ADD TO WISHLIST

  • Jennifer Weston

    $0.00- FREE graphic organizers! Great for kindergarten-2nd grade!!! (and even maybe older?)

  • Stephanie Martinez

    Story Elements Freebie (character, setting, problem and solution)

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Great idea for the first day of school!

Writing letters in salt (this site has Montessori & Montessori-inspired activities).

Here's a terrific set of number writing pages for the numbers 1-20. Includes number words.

Sunflower Clock

cell phone partners-each child selects 10 names to put on a speed dial number. When you need a partner, teacher calls out a number and they check the speed dial to see who their partner is this time. cute idea

Everything a new teacher could possibly want.. all organized so neatly into a website. And it's all FREEEE! This teacher rocks!

Weather: Fill the cup with water. Put shaving cream on top for a cloud. Explain that when clouds get really heavy with water, it rains! Then put blue food coloring on top of the cloud, and watch it rain. Kids love experiments!

**Vowel Game** •Each child has a laminated strip of vowels and a clothespin. •I say a CVC word like "cat." •The children listen and then put their clothespin on the vowel they hear in the CVC word. What is so great about this game is that you can have the children hold up their strips and you can quickly check and see who is "getting it."

Management tray to keep track of where students are at.

Wow! Must remember to check out before next year!! Great Classroom Ideas!


We've been taking brain breaks...here are some of my favorites!

number chains

What Time is It? A fun telling time review game using plastic eggs


Earth Day

Hands Are Full, Heart Is Full. : Great Fun For Kids

Did this..came out so cute! Hb heart in hand print card done in red would make a great valentines day gift! could use bright spring colors and put a picture behind the heart for mothers day!


Sight Word Station. Say it, build it, write it.

number sense

Finger Twister Game :) could easily make yor own and laminate. Perfect for indoor recess.

Must do chart for the 100th Day of School!

Contraction Cupcakes

Practicing Plurals-- love this idea for Spanish words