not bad


Pretty much

Usually I do the latter.

Anytime !

I don't like morning people.

You know. I have heard this a few times over the past few weeks. Finally a co-worker explained that this is a misconception of people who don't let themselves be run over or taken advantage of. I think I like this.

...and no one needs to see that!


As my friend, you should know I'm a judgmental bitch. You should also know how lucky you are to have made the cut.

Sounds like a winning combination

Lol, this is amazing! That's why we don't keep Oreos in the house

omgosh hilarious

I'm glad I caught you

I'd rather be known...

God made us best friends cause He knew our parents couldn't handle us as sisters

Exactly...there is a difference

Haha so, so true

Sad but True


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