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  • Shari Nobile

    "Why does it hurt you if I don't hate myself?" Amen. I love what this woman had to say. It doesn't matter how you look, you should love and respect yourself. That is the best thing any person can do to make themselves beautiful.

  • Michael Lentine

    Internet Calls Fat Girl 'Fat' And Her Response Is ... Perfect. *awesome!* ^_^v

  • Jena Kelly

    I AM FAT! (Veda 22) ~ Internet Calls Fat Girl 'Fat' And Her Response Is ... Perfect

  • Brittany Shelton

    One woman's response to internet fat shaming. So awesome.

  • Isadora River

    Internet Calls Fat Girl 'Fat' And Her Response Is ... Perfect Now THIS is how you deal with Internet trolls. Jump to :48 to find out her secret and to 2:36 to watch her totally own it. Best quote: "Why does it hurt you that I don't hate myself??"

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Heh heh heh. I know it's been said before, but it's cool that somebody on Tumblr quoted me with this picture once. That was before I ragequit it the first time.

I am also present for every fat joke and every demeaning comment made in my presence. Standing up for one group of people means nothing when you discriminate against another. #endfathatred

  • Hayley

    How about instead or whining you start practice a healthy life and get the Fuck over yourself. A healthy life is a happy one and no amount of complaining is going to make you get fit.

  • Crystal Cottrill

    Hayley there is no whining. Obviously we don't know each other, so who are you to assume my level of fitness or if I'm "over myself" because you disagree with the perceived message of a pin? Fat acceptance is not about hating oneself - it's about acknowledging that no one has the right to tell someone else what they're supposed to feel about their own body.

Eggs + Bacon RULE / Column Five Massive Health #infographic #paleo #health

  • Rachel Ranger

    fat actually isn't bad for you; the body NEEDS the 'good' fats. Best explanation by these two and (the fathead documentary is on hulu- great intro to nutrition in an easy to understand way).

  • Nurse Nina Howze-Glover

    This infografic should used healithier fats. It is not always about the weight/how fat you look. Your heart is the most important muscle...and animal fat is a culprit.

  • Stephanie Perry

    if you eliminate carbs from your diet (as close as truly eliminating as you can) and eat veggies, lean meats/fish, small amounts of good will NOT be hungry. I do it and I am not hungry. did my body crave carbs at first and make me feel hungry yes; but once adjusted I actually feel sick when I eat carbs. they ARE that bad for you.

  • La Sra

    I eat paleo - the strict kind. No breads or pasta or anything processed in way of carbs. Once i started i dropped five pounds in a week from changing. I now eat good fats from foods like avocado and coconut oil.

  • Lindsay Bullock

    This is ridiculous!!!!

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Someone may be considered 'fat' when they are big boned and not fat at all. Fat is good to have on our bodies to stay warm in the winter, protect us if something happens and lets us be who want to be. The image shows that fat is not bad, she has muscle under her skin and is beautiful that way she is. This is how society should except everyone in their own bodies. We should not judge on body appearence.

i need to remember this everyday

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I'm all about having respect for others and accepting them fully. What a great life everyone would have if we could all do this...

I am so much more than what I look like! :-)

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