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With the promise of NYE parties, sequined dresses, a new pair of stilettoes and a kiss at midnight – I still managed to find myself plopped ...

from Off The Wall Momma

The Journey

When facing the hardships in life the main thing to remember is it’s not going to last. It’s like one of my favorite country songs says "Every storm runs out of rain." It’s true! This too shall pas...

from Fit Girl's Diary

Free Weights Full Back Workout For Sexy & Toned Back

You shouldn't keep yourself from heavier weights in order to get that sexy popped muscles. Now let's get started with the best full back workout ever!

from My Knee Guide

Road to Recovery following Knee Replacement

Repeat after me: I am stronger than this challenge. And this challenge is making me even stronger.

phoenix is the best description of a full grown scorpio who has been through the worst and has grown into the best version of themselves.