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    • Ariana Mau

      It's like the first time I watched a TobyGames video! I thought youtubers were the stupidest thing in the world! I never imagined they would be such a big part of my life...

    • itzelk elmer

      Thoughts, Ideas, Friends, Life, Love You, Quotes, Sotrue, So True, Truths. You mean the world to me!

    • Alex Alston

      Ain't that the truth! I thought he was just the cute best friend... Who I kinda had a connection with. ;)

    • Sarah Fine

      fate, so true i would have never thought that the guy who got on my nerves in high school, i would marry and he would be my best friend!

    • Kasey Merrick

      I Love my best friend; I met her randomly at a summer camp I has no idea she would change my life, I am very lucky our lives path ran together

    • Jacob Brown

      so true.. i thought you just talked to me bc of how i felt. tbh i didn't know that we would be so close. like we have been friends almost a year and im so lucky to have you as a best friend. i wish we were sisters, but we aren't... ANYWAYS ILY AND I HOPE WE WILL STILL BE FRIENDS IN THE FUTURE AND HAPPY BDAY! ❤️

    • Ninah League

      @Katie Hrubec Jones really I didn't have any idea how things would turn out or how we got here are my best friend and I can't imagine a better person than you. You put up with twilight and me obsessing over Edward when no one else will. Thank you ;)

    • Cindy Lucido

      One of the kindest things you can say to someone. Cheers to friends that understand and accept you.

    • Kaydee Jones

      This is such truth. When we first met, I couldn't stop smiling at you. But I thought you'd just be another crush, as I'd never have the courage to tell you how much I like you. But I didn't have to, because we talked, became quick friends, & before I knew it, the best day of my life happened, when you said those simple words. That simple question that no one had ever spoken to me. It's what began us, & we've had some tough times, but we've made it work, we continue to make the distance work. ❤️

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    pretty much

    Missing someone

    I found the right one at the wrong time This happened to me before...I still wonder where she is and if she ever thinks of me.


    THANK YOU. THIS IS PERFECT...I'm in love. ♥

    Okay so I have a questions for all my lovely Pintrest followers. Have you ever gotten a crush and this really down to earth guy that actually talks to you and then the minute you tell one person, even your closest friends, he stops talking to you. This has happened to me a lot lately. Or when once you like a guy all girls get a crush on him!!! It's so annoying, I'm just done figuring out boys.

    exactly how i feel when my friends are struggling.

    I really believe that you are the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

    i miss you every day

    With you...

    Love of a mother #single mother

    I found my someone ♥ Second Nature By Hand 'Look Forward' Wall Art available at #Nordstrom

    Truth, ever since you came over to put up that tv I knew there was no turning back ;) #love #happiness #meanttobe

    You know what's sad? This is true for a very many people in my life.... but most importantly my boyfriend....

    "It's hard to wait around for something you know might never happen, but it's even harder to give up when you think it's everything you want."

    "It's so Amazing When someone Comes To Your Life And You Expect Nothing Out Of It But Suddenly There Right In Front Of You Is Everything You Ever Need." #love quotes #gratitude

    Nice thought, but sometimes you really just want to be friends with someone, and they're like "Augh, I've been friend zoned" Seriously, get over it, don't be so serious and in need of a girlfriend. :p I want to be your friend without all this stupid complicated drama stuff!!

    From the moment...

    So sweet