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Sadness is the part of life. Many of us face many problems in our daily life. We become sad due to different factors in our life. Some give up, but sadness is part of our life.

I'm here for you

Ernest Hemingway was no stranger to suffering. His writing was a coping tool to help him face the losses in his life. Both his father and brother committed suicide. If you are suffering in silence please reach out for help.

Most of these will be sad one-shots. I will not take requests, this will be done if you are seeing this. Basically these are a bunch of  bully homestuck x bullied reader. Just letting you guys know that these will have NO self harming of any kind. And if you do self harm of any kind, please, I am B

End the pain ~Homestuck One-shots :.

i hate those moments after i'm done crying and i just sit there emotionless

i hate those moments after i'm done crying and i just sit there emotionless. Then I just want to cry again because of it!


I feel a lot of emptiness in my heart. I feel sad because I don't have a life to he happy for. So the emptiness fulfills me.

I'd like to have this to hold up when necessary

Chronic Pain & Invisible Diseases -- but I am trying so hard and you don't even know. The common feeling of those with invisible illness

Not good enough

love depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely hurt eating disorder alone hate fat crying self harm self hate harm ugly anorexia nothing upset sadness not good enough worthless loneliness mental illness heartbreak numb disgusting unwanted unloved

I do know EXACTLY how it feels,  but I'm doing my best not to do this any longer

Trust me, I know how it feels. I know exactly how it feels to cry in the shower so no one will hear you and waiting for everyone to fall asleep so you can fall apart. For everyting to hurt so bad you just want it all to end. I know exactly how it feels.