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    can you imagine having to feed this huge fella ???? !! he would eat you out of house and home lol

    Newfoundland puppy! How cute! Now why is it when a fluffy puppy chews something we laugh, but with an adult we yell?

    Newfoundland dog... typical resting pose, always in the yard in the sun, baking her brain.

    Big, fluffy, water dog, that is GREAT with kids! Introducing........the..... Newfoundland! (Newfie)

    They leap from helicopters or speeding boats, bringing aid to swimmers who get into trouble off Italy’s popular beaches. For these canine lifeguards, the doggie paddle does just fine. Hundreds of specially trained dogs form Italy’s corps of canine lifeguards, are deployed each summer to help swimmers in need of rescue.

    Newfoundlands giving kisses out to each 2 c a couple of dogs loving each other..they belong in pairs..Love U both back..peace B with U both always

    10. Terranova | Los cachorros tienden a ser de carácter tranquilo, en comparación de otras razas. Tardan hasta tres años en alcanzar la madurez.

    Platinum Newfoundland / a newfoundland completed the entire Lewis & Clark Expedition (over 8,000 miles).... s/he's beautiful! I need this dog.

    I don't know exactly why or how I got obsessed with Newfies, but I know that when I marry rich & buy a humongous ranch, I'm getting one.

    Newfoundland dog and Best friend! I need one of these! they are massive!