true story

So true

You are about to exceed the limits of my medication. awww too late

It's true!

Happens when I don't wear makeup to work. "Are you sick today?", "Are you not feeling well?", "Did the kids have you up last night?"-- OUCH.ksdjfhs


I got one thing over those skinny pretty tan girls ! well... two. - So my life.

Hand me the booze and watch me get fabulous. No, MORE fabulous. may have to pull this line this weekend.


There are days...


There are indeed days like these

tell me about it.

Lol... Yep! :)

Funny Encouragement Ecard: You can only say, 'WTF?' so many times a day, until you just decide to start drinking.

This may or may not be my life story someday..(;

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hahaha that's funny!!!

I do this all the time!

Some days...