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    • Earl Mulligan

      US ambassador Chris Stevens killed in Libya

    • Jan Lou

      Chris Stevens, US ambassador to Libya. He suffocated to death September 11, 2012 either in a consular building or a car that came under rocket attack from Libyan attackers enraged by an American film negatively portraying the prophet Muhammmad. Three colleagues died with him. Free speech, when it enables and nurtures offensive hateful material like the film that prompted this violence, has a high cost...

    • Joyce Pearson

      I just don't understand how people can be so cruel to a man who did nothing but help the people of Lybia. I pray for his family and may our God punish those who were involved with the brutal killing of our innocent people. God makes everything right. Amen 9/11/2012 Attacks - Tribute to Chris Stevens - Ambassador Killed in Libya

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