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Sitting is Killing You - "Sitting 6+ hours per day makes you up to 40% likelier to die within the next 15 years than someone who sits less than 3 hours per day. Even if you exercise."

from Lifehacker

This Graphic Explains All the Health Hazards of Sitting for Too Long

Canvia la teva postura y canviaràs la teva forma de respirar. Canvia la teva forma de respirar i el teu sistema nervioso es transformarà.

A healthy body is one of the first steps to a healthier mind

30 Minutes Of #Exercise #Infographic

from mindbodygreen

When We Eat Matters (Infographic)

WHEN you eat is just as important!

20 #Infographics for Stretching That'll Make You Super Bendy in 2 Weeks ...

sugar is a terrible terrible thing...

from PositiveMed

Detecting Nutritional Deficiencies


from Skinny Mom

8-Minute Killer Ab Workout

Yes! I think this weekly workout system will be perfect for my detox! ^_^

from Maybe I Will

Lose 5-8lbs THIS Week with Jillian Michaels Detox Water!

follow this routine three times a week and you will have lean legs in no time!

from Mashable

Death by Desk Job: How to Fight It [INFOGRAPHIC]

Work Place Workout! - infographic

Dr. Eric Goodman talks about an innovative method called Foundation Training, which he developed to treat his own lower back pain.

from Co.Design

Infographic of the Day: So What If You Don't Sleep Enough?

Sleep more to be more awesome :P

from Primally Inspired

6 Stretches to Prevent Rounded Shoulders

No more rounded shoulders! 6 moves to help correct bad posture.