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    She believed

    think positively, exercise daily, eat healthy, work hard, stay strong, worry less, dance more, love often, be happy- new year

    Never give up when times get hard. No matter how alone you may feel just remember God is with you, listening to your heart and mind even when you have nothing to say or just tears to cry. You have your whole future ahead and your struggles now will be worth it in the end! STAY STRONG

    so true, especially for Michigan winters

    It's not about being the best.

    Inspiring quote from Albert Einstein although if you are an employee and tell me you aren't going to do something you better have one heck of a good excuse! I did learn my lesson and will never allow an employee to ever say that again to me.


    It's a tattoo and a way of life.


    My matra

    If any of you ever find yourself the object of crazy messages written by a very lonely, desperately unhappy creeper person, gather your friends and laugh. Having a stalker with a wicked inferiority complex is awesome comedy!!

    so it seems

    I did!

    And that is how change happens....

    remember this...

    Need to learn to stop worrying about everything and just accept how my life goes

    There'd be days like this momma said.

    I love this and hope I have it some day ♥