A top to bottom guide to saving money.

When it comes to budgeting we all have to start somewhere. Maybe you've never had budget before or you've strayed away from your budget and have found yourself in overwhelming debt. This is where the 50/20/30 Rule comes in.

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Dave Ramsey: This just proves once again.. Most of the millions of Americans that are retiring in/or near poverty levels.. Just never saved! Spent every single penny as fast or before they even earned it... Don't be a statistic that will have to choose between food and medicine.. The average Retirement payment is around $1200.. If you still have a mortgage or rent at 62.. You can see the problems...

. . . this is a good, simple list of ways to save . . . . nothing extreme and 'weird' :)

15 Ways I Paid Off $80,000 of Debt in 18 months- VERY impressive. She had great practical tips for anyone trying to save or pay off debt.

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best times to buy and save:)

Infographic: What gets taken out of your paycheck

Tips for saving money at Big Lots as well as 10 things to buy there that will save you money.

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55 Painless Money Saving Tips- Wow, there really are a great amount of tips on here that I can definitely employ in my life!

10 Things I’ve Done To Make Extra Money. I've done many, many things to make extra money in my life. Check out some of these ways if you are interested in making extra money as well. http://www.makingsenseofcents.com/2014/10/10-things-ive-done-to-make-extra-money.html

27 Ways to Get More Done

Saving Money

Woah, super interesting about saving money early! Friends, save for your retirement NOW even though you dont plan on retiring any time soon!!!!

It Pays To Be Naughty Mason Money Jar

20 Ways to Save $10,000 a Year