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    "Do what you love." Find more inspirational quotes at:

    Do what you love... :: QUOTES :: LOVE WHAT YOU DO - best quote to ending a week and starting the weekend to. Image Credit (If you know who is the original source is, please let me know) #quotes

    Be Happy!

    This is what makes me smile

    Remember That

    It's go time.

    Actions speak louder than words / Unknown {so true!}

    Live in the moment... don't wait too long for someone/something and lose the chance. // Inspiring quotes about life. @mobile9


    "You get in life what you have the courage to ask for." - Oprah Winfrey. Such a great quote!

    Simple is beautiful

    How To Let Go ... #coachbarn #quotes


    Wake up and Live.


    Less is more. #statements #lessismore

    feis on.

    ♥ her motto is to always smile :) she cheers me up all the time :) I love u baby :)

    Keep Life Simple. I don't do overcomplicated and cluttered. I'm all about keeping it simple and focusing on what is important.

    A former boss used to say I didn't need to "explain myself" - in similar words :-) Still value you, MIke.

    it's amazing how many people think that just because they work hard is the only way...working smarter is so much better...when you get the same results or working smarter you usually you get more time to work on other things.