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pattern ~ scissors ~ cloth: Tricks of the Trade - Sewing an Invisible Hem

pattern ~ scissors ~ cloth: RTW Tailoring Sewalong #15 - Bagging out the Hem

Everything you need to know about plus-sized sewing.

from DIY Ready

25 Sewing Hacks You Won't Want to Forget

How to quickly sew the elastic | 25 Sewing Hacks You Won’t Want to Forget | Sewing Tips and Tricks |

from Nancy Zieman Blog

Ten Tips I Learned About Sewing the Perfect T-Shirt

Sew the Perfect T-Shirt/Sewing with Nancy/Nancy Zieman/Pamela Leggett

This is a way to sew in an invisible zip into a SEWN seam, so not the traditional way.

from The Craftsy Blog

Holiday Hangover? 13 Hacks to Help

Thirteen helpful hacks for your craft! Enjoy a detox from holiday happenings and start doing more of what you love with these FREE tips, tricks and tutorials.

from AppleGreen Cottage

This sewing hack will make your life easier

I used a totally unprofesional sewing hack when sewing a jersey patch on a…

from Sew for dough

How To Put In Gussets

sewing blog 1070

from eHow

How to Hem Chiffon

No need to fear sewing with lightweight, sheer fabrics when you learn these techniques for creating beautiful seams and hems.