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Pretty pastel Green & Pink Rose Topper & falling Petals Mini Cake

Pastel & Ice cream ♥ Пастелно и сладолед | 79 Ideas - styling Charlotte Love and photography Johnatan Gooch

I'm ALL about the ice cream. Food photography by V.K. Rees.

Coconut ice cream coco nut in a wa waffle cOne. Oh I miss Belize...

Pulut Hitam Ice Cream (black glutinous rice in coconut based ice cream)

OBOLIU PYRAGAS. 1 skardine kondensuoto pieno, 1kiausinis, 1 sauktas grietines, 7 sauktai miltu, 1,5 kepimo milteliu, 3-4 obuoliai nuo dydzio priklauso, kartais dar dedu cinamono. Kondensuota piena kiausini ir grietine sumaisom dedam miltus su kepimo milteliais ismaisom ir tada pjaustom obuolius ismaisom ir pylam i skarda kurioje patiestas kepimo popierius 180 temperatura 30 min.

It may seem like an impossible task. Giving up sugar? Our bodies can handle sugar in small doses, using insulin to break it down and use it as energy.

Ice cream cones at the reception or the pre-nuptials "cocktail" hour... Summer Wedding.

Wondering what to do with all the snow… make some ice cream out of it asap while it’s still clean and beautiful.

Raspberry frozen yogurt. Looks amazing! Check out those gorgeous swirls of raspberry!