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19 Unabashedly Sexual Valentines You Can Buy

I love 'doing you ' OR just being next to you watching tv etc ie love you my best friend / soulmate / wife and always will until my final breath and hopefully beyond that if that is possible - your literally my better half ( much better half ) Suz ❤️

Studio Ghibli has many sources of inspiration. There’s a lot in their cache of animated films that are either so creatively done or very heartwarming and sincere.

HA! Yes, be purposeful with this! And NOT believe "I love so-and-so, but not 'in love' with them" - it's the same thing! If you see a couple with a successful marriage, find out why and do the exact same thing! Obviously they are doing something right!!

"Stupid is as stupid does" (specially when one has had the chance to pilgrimage to their Orlando Shrine: revolutionizing broadcast TV, comedy, technology, branding, and yes, even interracial and intercultural mores were shaken up by these two - clowns!)