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    • Nick Jewison

      Panama Canal Locks; Panama City, Panama. The Panama Canal was completed in 1914 under the construction of George Washington Goethals (U.S.A). The canal connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The reason I wish to see the Panama Canal is because of it deep American history behind it, and to also see the engineering behind the locks.

    • Chrissy Austin

      Going through the Panama Canal is also on my bucket list.

    • joni phillips

      Panama Canal, Panama City, Panama. Very interesting to view. The lush, green country of Panama is an overlooked jewel of Central America.

    • Fox World Travel

      Panama Canal #PanamaCanal

    • Mario Lopez

      The Panama Canal, the ultimate short cut. "It's supposed to be a challenge, if it was easy it would just be the way!"

    • Project Wellness

      Canal de Panamá Panama Canal Locks; Panama City, Panama ~ One cannot go to Panama City without taking the opportunity to watch the ships traversing the canal through the Panama Canal Locks.

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    Theodore Roosevelt had an idea of cutting the distance for ships to travel when delivering goods from one sude of the Us to the other. This Canal cut the distance of travel more then half. This benefited the US dramatically and other countries as well. It was a great idea!

    Puente Centenario (2004), Panama Canal #my awesome country!!!!❤ Astogeographical location: bridge in a cardinal position between to worlds: uniting a Sagiitarius world on the west bank iwith a Capricorn world on the east bank. 2nd coordinate is in Cancer for radius/field level 3.

    Panama Canal Carnival ship sailing through the Panama Canal.

    Panama Canal. Length 85 km, opened in 1914. Astrogeographical constellation: a paasage through Panama Canal takes as from the atlantic side in the fire sign Leo to the pacific side in the earth sign Virgo. The 2nd coordinate is in the earth sign Taurus indicating the fertility aspect of agriculture and high profits through trade both in the northern (Leo) and in the southern (Virgo) part. Valid for radius/field level 1.

    Traffic Jam at the world's most dangerous road from La Paz Bolivia across the Andean Cordillera into the Amazon lowland.

    #5.Where would the location of my dream job be? I will not have I stable location of where my job would be because paleontologist work in many places but one of the places where they have found many fossils is Panama canal

    Panama Canal: Gatun Locks been here. Very long but a fascinating process.

    Leaving the Panama Canal through the Gatun Locks into the Caribbean.

    Panama Canal, Panama.I want to go see this place one day.Please check out my website thanks.