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LifeWaves Cycles Exercise® - The Power to Control Your Health by Trevor Dardik. LifeWaves International believes you should be in control of your life, and that includes your health. For over 20 years, we have been developing the most advanced heart rate analysis of its kind. Now, this is available to you, the consumer. Take control of your health, and start making waves today.

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These 29 Diagrams Are All You Need To Get In Shape

29 Diagrams To Help You Get In Shape


The Tummy Toning Workout •

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Lifewave's Dr. Dean Clark muscle testing Ice Wave patches. LifeWave Revolution. Lifewave Rapid naturopathic therapy via Sunlight Nanotechnology AcuPatches with drug-free non-transdermal. Just Patch! Available on

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These 27 Workout Diagrams Are All You Need To Get In Shape This Summer

For the Arms | These 27 Workout Diagrams Are All You Need To Get In Shape This Summer

Weeklong exercise routines

EMOTIONAL HEALING - Relieve anxiety with point CV 17. Hold it as you breathe deeply & explore what you want in your life. Continue asking & holding while you slowly breathe deeper until an answer comes. Write it down, then edit it; structure it & create steps for it to happen. CV 17 can give you courage to explore what’s in your heart, support you to love & heal yourself. Breathe deeply to gather the energy & the faith to create what you want to manifest in your life.

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​6 Moves to Get the Best Butt Ever — From Instagram's Blonde Jen Selter

BEST BUTT EVER WORKOUT: Amanda Lee, certified fitness trainer and Instagram celeb (she has over a million followers) shows you how to get the best butt ever with this free workout routine! Click through for the full workout, expert tips from Amanda Lee, and instructional gifs that teach you all the moves!

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PiYo Printable Worksheets

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my dance teacher used to make us do this! Exercise for the Transversus Abdominis (AKA the muscle that pulls in the ring of your waist) One area of your abs you may be neglecting is the transversus abdominus - without working it, you run the risk of developing a square torso (straight up and down) rather than an hourglass one (tapered at the waist).

The hardest 8 minute arm exercise with trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson! She promises the "tiniest arms with great definition!"