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  • Jerry McIntosh

    Even when opportunity knocks a person still has to get up off their ass and open the door! ~ General Douglas MacArthur

  • Patrick McBride

    Motivational Picture

  • Tom Laing

    Never ever give up ~ #poster #quote #taolife

  • Melissa Revelez

    Growing up, my Grandpa had this hanging in his house. When he had a heart attack 2 years ago, it was hanging in his hospital room. Love this because it makes me think of him! #perseverance

  • Natalie Stevens

    I used to give all my students this to put on the first page of their Interactive notebooks!

  • Funny Indian Photos

    Never ever #giveup

  • Lee Rafferty

    Had this hanging on my office wall for years.

  • Nadine Bauer

    funny quotes - Google Search

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