Geology! They're edible, and now educational as well! Plate Tectonics with the classic Oreo.

Geologist: Simple volcano science for kids demonstrating how magma breaks through the surface of the earth creating an eruption. All you need is toothpaste, dirt, and an empty container!

Oreo Plate Tectonics - Using Oreos to teach science


This lab or activity is a hands-on and collaborative learning lesson that incorporates the following: STEM Earthquakes Geology Engineering Design R...

plate tectonics/mountain formation lesson

Oreo Plate Tectonics Lesson

Plate tectonics and other really great ideas for earth science

Earth Model Project: Love this idea for teaching the layers of the earth. Will have to remember for the Geology book.

YouTube Education - For Schools - SUCH a great idea. Well done, YouTube.

Weeks 1-12. meet your this site for kiddos

The best resources for Cycle 1, Cycle 2, and Cycle 3 of Classical Conversations in one place.

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Earth changes... Slow changes and rapid changes...Love this!

Make Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils with your kids - so easy to do and really works well.

16 Ways Educators Can Use Pinterest

5 Simple Experiments with Water -- Experiment with your drinking water as well by adding our water enhancers at:

Free! Phases of the Moon {With Oreo Cookies!}

Plate tectonic modeling. Students can visually see the different plate tectonic shifts and types of movement from the play dough.