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Kids Always Make Us Laugh – 18 Funny Vintage Photos Show the Mischief of Children

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Curious If this is not the cutest, funniest, most heart warming pic I've ever seen, I don't know what is!

ART NIGHT! We should paint umbrellas!!!

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Elijo esta imagen porque me ha gustado el contraste que presenta. Por un lado, dos ancianos, chocando con el otro extremo del banco, dos niñas, incluso a una de ellas podemos verle el culo. Salamanca, España 1963 Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson Salamanca, Spain 1963 Ahhh, the simplicity of childhood.

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Little girl with an AC/DC shirt! Somebody instilled rock and roll early in the game. My children will be raised on rock music.

One of the men...omg, this is the cutest thing ever. http://itz-my.com

I can DEFINITELY see the little boy being Ralph Waldo Emerson's son. Yes, Emerson did have a child, and being the smart and philosophical man that Emerson was, I'm sure his son turned out something like the child in this photo.

Cette petite fille a sauvé un chiot et son image a remporté le concours annuel de photographie de l'association NT .... mais qui a gagné est vraiment, c'est le chiot qui a près de lui une petite fille avec un grand coeur.

Partners in grime!

Let them play in the mud! Little girl and her dog after playin in the mud.