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#Skyward_Sword Fi

Chibi Link, rainy day


Flying with cuccos \o/ #Zelda


Final Boss by Kabazu.deviantart... on @deviantART

Link by spade13th (2005)

Twilight Battle

Toon Link Gamecube, #Zelda

Thats some pretty sound advice

Ocarina of Time -- Saria by onisuu.deviantart... on @deviantART

Twilight Princess -- Agitha by onisuu.deviantart... on @deviantART

twilight princess -- queen rutela by onisuu.deviantart... on @deviantART

Link and Princess Zelda

Crazy-with-power Ghirahim

Death Sword from Twilight Princess by J.S. aka uniqueLegend

Majora's Mask - Stone Tower Stretched Canvas

Majora's Mask - Snowhead Stretched Canvas

Majora's Mask - Woodfall Art Print

Majora's Mask - Clock Town Stretched Canvas

Majora's Mask - Great Bay Stretched Canvas

Link the Archer

Zant by Ruva

Pretty Link Art. TEGAKI Blog - - 窓華's Blog #zelda