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Lilly moth

Lilly moth (Polytela gloriosae) photographed by YogeshSave in Maharashtra, India. via Project Noah

Bizarre Looper Moth (Anisozyga pieroides)

Bizarre Looper Moth (Anisozyga pieroides) reminds me of an old world map. How delightfully beautiful!

˚Spanish Moth - Xanthopastis timais

Spanish Moth (Xanthopastis timais), family Noctuidae, native to the SE United States, as well as Central and northern South America and the Caribbean, but occasionally found wandering up the East Coast of the U.

Footman Moth (Barsine orientalis, Lithosiini, Arctiinae) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Footman Moth (Barsine orientalis, Lithosiini, Arctiinae) by John Horstman - Beautiful natural colours and pattern, nature is so inspiring.

The shapes of the feathers are very important to me as the front of my bag is going to be covered in my hand-made feathers. I have chosen this Mid-shot of a Hummingbird so I have photographs that clearly show how detailed the feathers are up close and personal. It's very important that I achieve the perfect shapes for my feathers so they appear very life like and as realistic as possible!

Neon Glow Greeting Card for Sale by Angie Vogel

Oleander hawkmoth...beautiful design and color ( #insect #moth)

Oleander Hawk-moth (Daphnis nerii, formerly Deilephila nerii - open wings) is a moth of the Sphingidae family.

Peach moth, egybollis vaillantina

bring nature back into your garden Peach Moth Egybolis vaillantia indigenous moth photo,lava feeds on deinbollia ablongifolia, environmental rehabilitation, landscaping landscape design

A Saturniidae moth caterpillar.

A spectacular Saturniidae Moth caterpillar. Isn't he amazing! ~~ This is certainly the "prettiest" bug, or insect, or whatever class this falls into. Certainly quite colorful thats for sure!


malformalady: Harnessed Tiger Moth(Apantesis phalerata) is a species of moth of the Arctiidae family. It is found from Ontario, Quebec and Maine to Florida, west to Texas, north to South Dakota.The wingspan is mm.