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    ♥ DIY Dachshund sweatshirt #doxie darlin' here to find out more

    "my dream is a..." illustration by Giulia Sagramola ... Do you own an Dachshund? Then you should check this report:

    All you need and a big load of squeeky toys and bones because else they ruin you furnuture!! :-)

    Dachshund print illustration typographic sausage by jamesweaver, Kelly Emme It's audrey!

    Real 'Wiener Wonderland' Ugly Christmas Long Sleeve Novelty T-Shirt (Men) at

    Choices #mario #donkeykong LOL. Mario went from dodging and breaking barrels thrown by Donkey Kong to save a woman to jumping on Koopa Troopas and Goombas and breaking bricks to save a princess from Bowser.

    A3 Dachshund Sleep Study Art Print Illustrations by whitewiththree

    watching a weiner dog run is one of the funniest things in the world!

    Usually I am against dogs in clothes but when it's cold Remington does need a sweater because he has such short hair and this is adorable!!

    Bowow Earrings! By lizglizz on Etsy :3 Note they're chainchomps. What the f us bowow

    "Ridiculous. This poor little dog is just thinking, “What in the everliving hell is going on? Quick, someone get this shit off me!” On the other hand, the owner is probably thinking, “Oooooo how adoooooorable! Paying $300 for that custom dog wetsuit was toooootally worth it!”

    Princess Peach dog costume for Oscar. Kimberly Koskinen