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10 Lessons Learned after a Year of Decluttering

After a year of serious decluttering, here are 10 lessons I've learned. Don't miss the 4 mindset shifts and 6 practical tips needed while decluttering your own home.

I'm Trying the KonMari Method & So Far, I Love It

Ha- it would take quite a bit of time to find all these things "right now" but I am cooking food that's been in the cupboards forever as I move the food around today! 22 Things To Get Rid of Right Now - The Joyful Organizer

Creative Under Sink Storage Ideas

Stacking Plastic Bins Under Bathroom Cabinet. These stacking containers from the Dollar Tree stack vertically very well. You can even clearly see what is in the bins without labeling these organizers.

The 4-pile strategy for simplifying your wardrobe

The 4-Pile Strategy for Simplifying Your Wardrobe

The Strategy for Simplifying Your Wardrobe via @WhoWhatWearUK My only amendment would be to give pile 4 to charity unless there are big holes or stains, even those items are beneficial to charity as they get paid for rags

52 Weeks To A Simplified Home

Can't find a BIG chunk of time for a whole house declutter? Join me for the 52 weeks to a simplified home challenge and declutter your home one inch at a time. Includes free printable plan.