After Brent Johnson took out DiPietro...Feb 2011

This is great...Johnson Knocks him out with one punch. I will always remember the end of this game.

The Cup (2011)

Hockey is tough love! It is a great sport and i have watched it with The men in my family since i was little. MY teams are Dallas, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Boston<3

Hockey makes us happy!

How amazing is this picture? (Bure, Gretzky, Kariya, Jagr, Lemieux, Lindros, Howe)


Stop fighting like a bitch, Humphries. Close your fist and hit like a hockey player.

Funny, I also feel the same way about basketball...and baseball...and golf...

ATTENTION: The Stanley Cup Playoffs have begun. Normal life is now on hold and will resume sometime in June.

I wish there were more bench clearing brawls, but they still fight! And the game is always entertaining!

Playoff Hockey. The struggle between which will explode first, your heart or your bladder.

why hockey is better

no, I'm not


Hockey judgement

Because we needed another reason that hockey players are amazing.


19. You're right, hockey fights are better because they're not just a team, they're a family and families fight for each other.... When one gets into a fight there is always back up!

Pittsburgh Penguins!