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  • Stephanie Pope

    A cute bookmark made from the envelopes of junk mail..from when i fall asleep reading for school

  • Cathy

    corners of old envelopes as book mark over several paged and as you turn each page it will automatically be in the last spot you read....

  • Debbie Owen

    DIY bookmark idea. Re-use old envelopes by cutting the corners to serve as disposable, notable, bookmarks. I love the idea. I will use anything within reaching distance as a bookmark; receipts, napkins, bobby pins, you name it. Not only do I adore the re-use/recycle aspect of this project, but I love the ability to customize each bookmark with notes

  • Jeni J

    Corner Bookmark: A creative way to re-use old envelopes by cutting the corners to make bookmarks. I don't typically read paper books anymore, but too cute not to repin. Love the "fell asleep here" note.

  • j e s s i c a | m a r k u s

    diy bokmark from envelope corner | #diy | #envelope | #bookmark | #books | #reading | #bookworm | #crafts DIY Bookmark using old envelopes...

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Jacqui Powell I will definitely be waking Amanda up like this some weekend morning when we have plans :)

Sad but true.. you want examples? And the universe!!! Lol!!! Only my hubbie will understand!!

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Well...I FINALLY finished my last papers of the semester, but this is pretty close to the process I ALWAYS go through. :)

lol all girls do this...guys will never understand hahah

ADORE this! I need it for school - but I'm not sure everyone else would find it as amusing. haha

"A good book should leave you...slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it." #quotes #reading

This is a dead-on-balls accurate summary of my feelings as a kid. Which, when you think about it, explains a lot.