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    Turns red when water is hot, and blue when it's cold.

    • Felecia Downing

      Great idea for kids' bathroom... LED Faucet Light -- changes colors according to water temperature! Think how much safer this is for children. Clever people at and only $15.00.

    • Stephanie Wagner

      LED Faucet light - blue for cold water and red for hot. Great idea for the kids bathroom and only $15.

    • Julie Menassaka

      LED Faucet Light with Temperature Sensor A temperature sensor within the unit can tell whether the water is cold or hot, and changes the color of the light accordingly. This is a great gadget just for the neat color effect and especially for those with kids to prevent them from scalding themselves. Amazon has these!

    • Nicole Bailey-Hogan

      LED Faucet Light Changes Colors According To Water Temperature. what a great idea for kids and the elderly :)

    • Ashley Jolly

      LED Faucet Light Changes Colors According To Water Temperature-great way to encourage hand washing for kids

    • Kristy Peters

      great for kids!!!! LED Faucet Lights ... Changes color according to temperature. Never be caught off-guard by the water temp ever again! Apply to every sink in the house!

    • Alisha Johnson

      This is pretty cool. LED Faucet Light, changes color when the water heats up. Imagine how much easier it would be for the kids to recognize

    • Paige Ball

      LED Faucet Light Changes Colors According To Water Temperature..i'd love to get this for my future kids bathroom!

    • Courtney Travis

      LED Faucet Light ... Color changes with water temperature. $20.00 #Products

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