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I definitely want to make these pillows for gifts, but I really love this simple pattern- the blue on white and all. It is totally an answer to our problem consisting of tons of white contact paper and the inability to paint. With paint markers and contact paper, I can have some nice wall decor in the bedroom.

Love the idea of papering or painting the back wall and adding shelves. Also love the drawers. Moroccan Wall Stencil Endless Circle by royaldesignstencils. Great shelving and a simple desk make this small office space or billpaying center very eyecatching yet clean and stylish. I can handle paying bills here!

wall stencil for buttercream colored dining room. gray, slightly heavier yellow, and a yellow-orange?

totally inspired by this... have to redo the table. Maybe use stickers to spell out fun words then stain over them. Take off the stickers before the last step/layer... hmmmm - could work. DIY: before and after basics: stencil tricks

Image above: This Chinese cabinet serves as the home’s bar. Homeowner Dana Frigerio wanted to add a little sparkle so she stenciled these gold flowers on the wall above the bar.

Paint It's version of Stencil Library ostriches.

Custom Piece Stenciling lent the armoire the charm of hand-painting without a lot of fuss. If stenciling isn't your thing, cover the recessed or raised portion of door panels with wallpaper. Select a pattern that fits well within the panel.

DIY Sharpie stencil pillow