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  • Kajuju

    Kids Benefit from Imperfect Parents

  • Annette G

    Here's some good news for your day:: Why Imperfect Parenting May Actually Be Good For Kids. (Part of the Myth of Perfect Parenting Series.). The Lord entrusted us with them knowing how imperfect we are! But, as a parent, it's sure hard not to want to be perfect!

  • Jennifer

    Why Imperfect Parenting is Good for Kids -- "Our children can’t be shielded from everything. They’ll skin their knees. They’ll have broken hearts. They’ll even bear the brunt of our own poor judgement from time to time. But those rough patches aren’t the end of the story. When we scoop them up, kiss their knees, wipe their tears, or say, “I’m sorry” those connections and corrections actually make them stronger than would a perfect life without the bumps and bruises."

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