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Conflict: Focus Lesson for ANY Novel

Focus Lesson | Conflict | Perfect for any novel or short story | Grade 6-12

Style & Word Choice: Focus Lesson for ANY Novel

Focus Lesson | Style and word choice | Perfect for any novel or short story | Grades 6-12

MINI-BOOK FOLDABLE for Literature Response - Common Core - Grades 5-6-7-8

MINI-BOOK for Literature Response - Instantly engage your students with this Mini-Book foldable assessment after reading ANY short story, short drama, or section of a novel! Students will enjoy creating these 7-page mini-books while analyzing literature and practicing Common Core literacy skills. Grades 5-8

Reading Literature: Common Core Booklet for ANY Novel or Short Story

Grades 9-12 Reading Literature: Common Core Booklet! Engaging questions that help students think beyond the surface!

A list of idea prompts for short films. Where do your story ideas come from. short stories | screenwriter

Textual Evidence: Focus Lesson for ANY Novel

Focus Lessons | Textual Evidence | Perfect for ANY Novel | Grades 6-12

Depth and Complexity | Critical Thinking Task Cards for Literature

Critical Thinking Task Cards for Literature. These task cards are perfect for any fiction reading materials: novels, short stories, anthologies! Prepare to hear some amazing discussion in your classroom!

10-Minute Inferences - RL 1 Read Story, Draw Conclusions. R.L.1 Short bell ringer, review, fill-in activity, or other quick activity to sharpen your students' inferring skills. A very short story with questions attached.

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Making Inferences Through Poetry {Free Download}