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Diablo makes a sweet ride. A great way to get on the water!

How to pick your lure color for Bass Fishing, Saugeye Fishing, Walleye Fishing, or Crappie Fishing according to water clarity. SO helpful! www.bigjoshyswimbaits.com

Paddling the Border Route in the Boundary Waters

My perfect solution for getting out on the water without the headaches of owning a boat........the Dragonfly for light-tackle fishing. Best of all it comes with a seat!

Tactics That Catch More Early-Season Flounder

Camping tip- Keep your cooler cold: fill a gallon milk jug with water and 1/4 c salt. Freeze. Pack into your cooler and it acts as an ice block that won't melt all over your food!-if this is true my life will be forever changed!

bass fishing! oh ya


Learn to properly throw a cast net.

It is a gallon milk jug filled with water with a headlamp pointing into the water. Awesome for inside the tent!!

Heats in the sun

My next kayak, the Wilderness Systems Ride 135. She's a beauty! #KayakBassFishing


Solar Still

Goliath, The River Monster!! - please tell me this is fake!??!! That's terrifying. Makes me wonder what is in water ..?

WATER--PIN UP from www.topwaterclothing.com ~WEAR IT!!!

33 Things You Can Cook On A Camping Trip

Trail Recipes Announces Trail Chef App

A waterfall trickles at the back of Kaskaskia Canyon in Starved Rock State Park. Fourteen of the park's 18 canyons have waterfalls.

Largest Marlin Ever Caught- Hawaii Feast your eyes on this fish. Captured in Kona, Hawaii in 1984, this Pacific Blue Marlin weighed 1,656 pounds and was 17 feet long..

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