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omg idk why this pic reminds mes so much of me and my bfffl kathryn! maybe because we act the same way at the girls in the picture?!?! ♥33333333

“I don't mind living in a man's world, as long as I can be a woman in it.” ― Marilyn Monroe ♥

good idea for summer pic albums

Gold metallic on watercolor paper! This Is Forever (Limited Edition Screen Print) 1 of 12, via Blacklist Studio. Comes with a sweet handwritten note ... awww

Megan Mitchell Sean Marie Eaton Amanda Smith Hannah Wyttree someday this will be us on the beaches of the world!

make this using the wood transfer technique...this is mine and patrick's "thing" :)

exactly, so dont ever follow my plans that i have created for myself, becasue only you will know when the time is right for both of us.......WHY RUSH IT, WHEN WE KNOW ITS GOING TO HAPPEN EVENTUALLY ♥

what is nice about this is that more of most of these would be so welcome. and they are so easy to get. :)