Think I'm going to start carrying sidewalk chalk in my car...

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Haha! This drives me nuts!

Don't change lanes! Wait, where are you going, friend?? LOL! - I thought I was the only one!!!!!

Hahahahah I see what they did there.

Welcome to Mario Kart i so want to do this

I started crying I laughed so hard

haha aww

Barney :)

AAAAAHH love it!!! <3 <3

I want these!

I want this so bad!

freaking hilarious

this bothers some people so much lol

Haha...a "grown-up" version on a beloved kids toy. :)

Short Temper? Why, yes. Yes, I do.

Hilarious: Free printable "You suck at parking note" to leave on people's cars.... I'm so printing some out now...

Tired of getting junk mail? LOL doing this

I have the urge to post some B.S. on Pinterest like 'rubbing your legs in left over bacon grease will remove hair!' and see if people will actually re-pin it.

So funny