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  • Robyn Gillard

    I'm going to start carrying sidewalk chalk in my car...

  • Kaitlyn Korosi

    I'm so gonna start carrying chalk in my car. This is my biggest pet peeve!

  • Tricia Boswell

    Funny stuff! Makes me want to pack some sidewalk chalk in my purse!

  • Gianna Raggio

    Biggest pet peeve ever. Especially when someone with an expensive car does this and takes up the last parking spot. Really good idea! Might have to start carrying some chalk around with me

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I want to start carrying chalk in the car to do this the next time I see a really bad parking job!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian having a baby together is the first sign that the apocalypse is coming soon.

Thank goodness for those warnings. Great now I have to plan another dinner for tonight.

lol I do this while screaming NOOOOO sad puppy commercial!!!!

Hilarious! This happened to me... Going away cake was supposed to say 'We Will Miss You, Courtney!' They spelled my name 'Courney' :p

not just sheets, but everything else. the problem is that I'm laundry guy in our house. so my family hates me about once a day

Omg, i just laughed way too hard at this!

Don't feel bad. I read it that way too, granny.