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    DIY - Refill air freshners. NOTE: There is a definite "OMG" factor that I will forever associate with plug-in oils now.. I will NEVER buy one again, other than for the purpose of refilling!!



    • Missy Barrilleaux

      DIY Scented Plugins - Get out of here! I'm so trying this tonight, I have one that is totally out & the darn puppy chewed the top off my "Orleans No.9" Home Fragrance Oil just this morning! What a co-winky-dink! :)

    • Helena Robinson

      DIY Scented Plugins - This is BRILLIANT! It actually works great! So cheap too I got my scented oil, a big jug at the dollar store.

    • Amy Armstrong-Brown

      DIY Scented Plugin - reusing those expensive air fresheners and doing it without all those chemicals

    • Sherry Elmore

      DIY Scented Plugins - I spend so much money on these! Hello brilliant and so much healthier for you. Who knew the scented oil in them could cause cancer.

    • Julie Britton

      DIY Scented Plugins - I spend so much money on these! Hello brilliant!

    • John B

      DIY Scented Plugins - so i can stop spending so much money on air freshner?! yes please!

    • Christy Green

      DIY Scented Plugins: DIY Wallflowers Scented Plugin Plugin air fresheners (and tons of other stuff) have something called VOC in them. VOC stands for “volatile organic compounds” and they are highly toxic. they are chemicals with a low boiling point. VOC cause all sorts of problems in your body: infertility (some of you may like that!), headaches, nervous system disorders, memory loss and cancer for both your pet and you…. lots of things. So, the safe alternative is to make your own. Recy...

    • Meghan Forget

      DIY Scented Plugins - refill toxic scented oil products with your own essential oils!

    • Emily Kelsch

      Essential Oils Plug In Air Fresheners

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