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  • Samuel Dale

    The Gap, exterior. This would be easy to laser cut and look pretty cool. Indy walks through it on her way somewhere?

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Photographer Hendrik Kerstens emulates Flemish Art with his daughter as the model, only the fashions are made from trash bags, coffee filters, bubble wrap, toilet paper and other everyday disposables.


Golf balls cut in half: I still believe in abstraction, but now I know that one ends with... - but does it float

Manhattan Glitch via Chris Lum


airport long exposure / via Mike Bostock

Abandoned Star Wars set

First Human X-ray 1896

A staff member of the Museum of Natural History cleaning the glass case of an exhibit by Jack Birns

Jim Henson working Kermit the Frog, talking to John Cleese.

Irina Werning

Legs coming home, 1978. By Helmut Newton.

yowayowa camera woman's levitating self-portraits


mpdrolet: Indonesia Alfredo Piola

natgeofound: Tourists on horses ride past a life-size apatosaurus statue in a South Dakota dinosaur park, 1956.Photograph by Bates Littlehales, National Geographic

Eyes as Big as Plates

Death Tarot © Krist Mort

moholy nagy

architectureofdoom: Residents of Magnitogorsk hanging out.

The Abandoned Animals of Fukushima by Yasusuke Ota (via Visual Culture Blog)

Marcin Górski

Ice skating on Baikal lake by Korzhonov Daniil on Flickr

8tracks! the coolest thing to have when writing a focken paper.