• Jessica Taylor

    AMAZING tattoo! Look at the depth.. This tattoo artist is extremely talented.

  • Tracie Flock

    3D tattoo. "I must say, its not quite my style, but if I saw this person I would definately have to touch their arm, the artist did an amazing job making it look 3D."

  • Lucynda Ackley

    3D Mayan tattoo, stone, symbols, 3D tattoo, Mayan tattoo, body art, Stone like tattoo, intricate tattoo,carved, historical tattoo, historic tattoo, shoulder tattoo,3D tattoo of ancient symbols

  • Debra Morgan Smith

    My husband plans to get a tattoo. He fell in love with this one when I showed it to him. Moscow tattoo artist Pavel Angel's 3D Mayan tattoo

  • Shae Rosecrans

    THAT is attention to detail done right. #3DTattoos

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So many awesome elements all incorporated into one piece… usually I would hate a tattoo that runs straight down the back and doesn’t make use of the space on either side of the spine, but in this case, the negative space serves a design function, as the "corset" element. Clever design and beautiful execution.

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this tattoo is gorgeous! would never get it but wow!!

Amazing guitar back tattoo. It's huge and I would never do it personally, but I love the idea.

beautiful- would make some awesome leggings for those of us who aren't this adventurous

Stunning. Going in health and being a woman, I am so sad that their is so much negative attention surrounding body art. If it makes me feel beautiful, how can it hurt my patient?

nyjahatuatao: Jubss Lili Contraseptik

Skulls are not my thing, but WOW, what a awesome tattoo :D

Brings a whole new meaning to 3D tattoo!

this would be a cool tattoo too